For parents with small children, Iowa Firm Foundation is the one hands-on learning environment that teaches traditional values through dramas, plays, musicals and presentations, instead of depending on the government to teach our children.

Iowa Firm Foundation is a values-based outreach. We are interested in reaching out to individuals, senior citizens and young adults to share their life experiences through small conferences along with speakers and guest singers.

Iowa Firm Foundation has 3 parts to it and I can add more if you think that you like the things we do.
We like the one School house approach to teaching subjects.
We aim to teach solid morals and work ethic.
And are main objective is to give back to the community.

What happened to the days when we went to the one-room school house. When people were closer as a family. When we had morals, modesty, and honesty. We thought of helping others and giving back to our community. Through achievement and pride, we accomplished something. Hard work wasn’t handed on a silver spoon. We learned how to work as a team.

Long-Term Goal: We would like to see a values-based outreach. It would involve multi-media opportunities in seven to ten exhibit halls to explore, invent and make things. Each hall would have a different type of themed experience including an art gallery, realistic displays, interactive demonstrations, crafts, movies, live theatre, comedy and more.

Ultimately the vision is to expand with other opportunities appropriate to various locations in Iowa. We envision several fundraising events or campaigns throughout Iowa to fund this faithful non-profit venture.

We are looking for contributions of facilities, talent, supplies or equipment so that we can create wholesome family entertainment that promotes values, morals and family life. We would appreciate your support and interest. What would would be the most feasible way you would like to help?